Rant #2- I’m a booty

            There is a difference between being truthful and being an ass. I find happiness in that. The problem is we manipulate and abuse this knowledge.

            If someone was about to be shot from behind the back and they couldn’t see it what would you do. Any sane person would shout several in-audible phrases in attempt to stop the action and help the person get to safety. But why is it that when the risk is lowered this doesn’t happen? For instance if you knew some poor kid in the fourth grade had a “kick me” sign taped to their back. Your little elementary self would probably keep your head down and just go with the crowd. Laugh or maybe ignore it and try to pretend you never saw it (sorta like Battlefield Earth).  Anyone would say

“Well that’s not a life or death situation.”

Not right then. But for all you know, just because you kept silent that girl grows up being the joke of her peers or god knows how long. And you may say this is a stupid example. That kids are just kids. But I think we can safely say we live in a world where for too many people high school never ends. That girl is teased and picked at or her whole childhood… all because fourth grade you said nothing. Ignored/ omitted the truth. And yes. Let’s not be kindergarteners










Look I’m not trying to drill a sad overly- dramatic cliché story of bullying or teenage angst to-be.

            I said there’s a difference between being an ass and being truthful. Ok… well I lied. Oops. See? We’re all guilty. And no, this isn’t always true. But today all I see are people acting like everything is ok. People complement an others obviously hideous outfits so they can get away with laughing about them to their friends later, or tell that fried that just got dumped that he’s gonna regret his choice.

            Why? Because it’s so easy to be the good guy. It takes cahones to be a real-fucking person. I’m an ass.

I will go straight up to someone and say they dressed like a Prosti-tot. I will slap my crying best friend when she’s being ridiculous, hand her another bottle of wine, and say shut up.

Why? Because sugar coating things doesn’t make life sweeter. It just leaves a sticky rotting mess that nobody ever tries to clean up (insert an array of semen jokes here). I’d rather be an ass than a kiss-ass. If that makes me a jerk then fine. It’s a cliché to be the hero any ways. (I say cliché too much for my own good.)

I had this revelation myself not too long ago. And n tribute to my favorite author I wrote a quote in his style of writing with a little scribble of the Cat in the Hat and the Lorax saying it in unison.

            I chose to tell the truth. I tell the truth because no one else does, and honestly being honest is a war half won.

Rant over.


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